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Moving a Light Fixture

Light fixtures can make rooms in your new house or apartment look tremendously different (and better!) Here are some tips for moving them.

Shut off the circuit breaker switch for the light you’re planning to move.

Remove the external housing and the light bulb. These duties can normally be done by hand, but may require a pliers or a screwdriver.

Remove the internal housing from the ceiling or wall. You’ll need the appropriate screwdriver and, in some cases, a pliers.

Detach the wiring. For this use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the red, black, white and green grounding wire from the fixture.

Make a hole in the wall or ceiling big enough to fit the junction box, with the scrolling saber saw.

Run your wire to the area you want the new light fixture. If the house is finished, this involves snaking the wire to where you want to move the new fixture to. If this is a long distance, you’re going to run in to problems with ceiling joists or frame timber in the wall. You may want to find a place closer to where you want the new fixture such as a power outlet and use that wiring.

Affix the junction box and bring your wiring together inside the junction box.

Rehook up the wiring to the light fixture using a Phillips-head screw driver. You will most likely have three wires; a black, a white and a green, which is your ground. Pay attention to how you pull the wire from the fixture and use masking tape labels if you need help remembering which wire goes where. Just remember that green is your ground, black is alway a live wire carrying power, and white completes the circuit.

Affix the internal plate, screwing the internal plate in to the junction box.

Put on the exterior decorative hardware and add a light bulb. This can normally be done by hand but may require a pliers or screwdriver.

Flip the switch on the circuit breaker to on.