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8 Tips for Moving Day – Smart Advice!


So you just arrived at your new house or apartment. If you decided to hire the Mighty Movers team – you’re already in good shape! So what’s next? Below are some GREAT tips for settling in. Remember, we also have a comprehensive list of packing tricks moving checklists to help you out.

Survey the Space

Before the movers arrive, we suggest you get the lay of the land. Plan where you’d like furniture and decorations to go prior to the movers arriving. You’ll be able to more easily and quickly direct the *Mighty* movers if you already know where to place that large couch in the living room.

Plan Outlet Usage

Keep in mind where you’ll need to plug in electronics as you design your rooms. The further away from an outlet, the longer the cord and the more likely you will find it in your way. If possible, you should try to decide where TVs and electronics should go so you can tell the movers (that’s us) what room they go in.

Unpack Quickly

Unpack quickly to get situated so you can begin living in your new home instead of walking around a maze of boxes. The longer you take to unpack, the more exhausting your move transition will seem.

Clean even if it looks clean

Clean, clean, clean. Even if your previous owner or landlord “cleaned” before you move in, make sure to give your new place another go at disinfecting. It never hurts to get those areas like the kitchen and bathroom (and carpet) more than once.

Change the Locks

It’s hard to know how many people had access to keys to your new doors. To be safe, change your locks. You’ll feel safer and not have to worry about any curious old tenants.

Check for Rodents or Bugs

While not pleasant, checking for rodents and bugs before moving in your furniture is not a bad idea. Depending on how the previous owners treated their property, you may find a call to the exterminator is worth it.

Save Your Moving Boxes

Environmentally friendly and cost effective go hand-in-hand when it comes to saving your boxes. If you’re someone who moves often, you’ll definitely want to flatten and tuck away your moving boxes for future use (or even for friends or family to borrow down the road for their move).

Meet the Neighbors

The first few days at your new home might be hectic, but try to meet the neighbors within the first 2 weeks. You’ll never know who may be a new friend or who can offer tips about your new neighborhood or who you may need to borrow a cup of sugar from. Plus, as a safety measure it’s good to be aware of the people around you to ensure your personal safety and the safety of your home.

Moving to a new home can be exciting, and it can also be overwhelming – especially if you decide to do everything yourself. The fast & friendly crew at Mighty Movers is always available to help with any size move – as we say – “Big or small. We do it all!”

Bachelor Pads vs. Bachelorette Pads

A great contribution from Homes.com, looking at the differences between the bachelor pad and bachelorette pad:

The Bachelor vs.the Bachelorette Pad
The Bachelor vs.the Bachelorette Pad infographic was developed by ForRent.com

4 Moving Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid


When preparing for relocation there are a few mistakes that can make your move unreasonably more expensive. In trying to simplify things for you and find ways to help you save money we have prepared a top six of the most common moving mistakes. They will help you stay organized during your relocation and keep the costs down as well.

Considering that a self move is cheaper than hiring a moving company.

When you are moving yourself you have many things to take care of: hiring a truck, paying truck insurance, paying for the gas, hiring moving labor, buying boxes and other packing material, packing, loading/unloading the truck, etc. Try to calculate each one of these costs separately and you may be surprised to find out that actually hiring a moving company to do it all is cheaper.

Not organizing your relocation in advance.

Decide early on how you plan on moving (and we certainly hope you’ll keep Mighty Movers in mind) – that is at least 2-3 months before moving day. Doing things in the last minute may leave you with no choice for reputable movers and you may end up paying more than you need to. One of the most common moving mistakes can be easily avoided if you just take your time in the moving process to organize it well. You can find a great moving checklist on this link.

Not planning the right time to move.

The summer, holidays, weekends, beginning/end of the month are very busy periods for the movers as people relocate a lot. One of the mistakes people do when moving is not researching the costs for moving at different times. During those busier periods moving companies may apply higher charges.

Not showing everything to the movers.

When the moving company representative arrives at your home show them everything for moving. Go through every room in your home and draw the person’s attention to easily breakable items. The movers also need to know what is the access to your home, the flights of stairs to climb, is there going to be an elevator available on moving day, will you use extra services like crating and storage.

What to do with Boxes after the Move

After a successful move with Mighty Movers, you might have enough empty boxes to make a small mountain, and you may not feel comfortable leaving them on the curb. Below is a list of just some of the ways you can put those boxes to recycle, reuse, or ridding yourself of them altogether:

Local recycling programs. Your city or town may allow people to recycle large amounts of cardboard. Some won’t pick up from the curb, so you may have to drive it to the recycling center yourself. When you call or search online, make sure you ask about restrictions such as amount, size, and whether or not the boxes need to be flattened.

Call a box broker. Many cities have companies that buy and sell used moving boxes. Do a quick search on Google to see if there are any in your area.

Try BoxCycle. BoxCycle allows you to list boxes for sale and purchase used boxes. They are a very “green” company. Here’s what they say, “While recycling cardboard is beneficial, it only reduces the environmental impact by a little bit. Local reuse eliminates environmental impact. You can make a real difference by helping boxes live longer!” Check it out!

Post on Craigslist. Craigslist is a very simple (and free) site where you can post many things. Use it to post boxes that you want to get rid of or exchange.

Call up a charity. Organizations need boxes too. This option may take a bit more time, but it’s typically for a good cause.

Luckily, since your unpacked, the hard part is already over – especially since you dealt with the friendly, knowledgable, and “mighty” team at Mighty Movers. Your move to Dallas or any of the surrounding cities went off without a hitch – so dealing with boxes is just a minor detail.

Staying Organized Before the Move

Planning to move in the near future? There are many ways you can stay organized while moving, although it can be a bit complicated. If you’re moving and want to learn what you can do to stay organized before you move, then you’ve come to the right place. Kate Sheppard, from The Moving Blog, has five great tips to help your get your home organized before you move:

Do what can be done in five minutes.

Many times we get stuck with a huge pile of things that need to be done. Often this is because we’ve put off dealing with them until everything needs to be done all at once, quickly. For busy families, this can be a problem. You will need a large amount of time in order to get things done. But, there is a solution. Getting organized before you even start packing can be done in short spurts of time. Simply take five minutes to gather five things that you want to donate or give away. Use five minutes to clear the fridge of expired products. Take five minutes to organize the hair barrettes your daughter has thrown all over her room, plan out your week, clean the junk drawer, etc… Getting into a routine of taking five minutes to do things will help with completing the tasks that need to be done before you move.

Never leave a room with nothing in your hands.

Pick up things that are out of place, no matter which room you’re in. Put them back where they actually belong. Do not leave a room empty handed. This will help make packing easier later.

Tidy up each night ten minutes before bed.

Each night before going to bed, take a few minutes to walk through each room and get them organized for the next morning. That is, take ten minutes to make sure that your child’s backpack is complete and ready, mail is ready to go out, your to-do list is created, plan what you want to make for tomorrow’s dinner, etc… Being prepared for the next day helps with being organized. You never know what may come up or happen that will interrupt what you have planned.

Leave notes or clues to get rid of clutter.

When you have a lot of things going on at the same time, you may not be able to remember everything. It’s good to leave notes for yourself. This takes the guesswork out of what needs to be done. Place colored stickers on clothing that you want to get rid of. Mark dates on the calendar to remember when you have appointments or bills due. That way, you’ll always know what has been done and what still needs to be done. If you do not use it, it’s time to get rid of it, before you move.

Create “zones or stations” in your home.

Whatever you want to call them, gathering items into one location always works. Instead of walking all over your kitchen gathering items needed to make coffee, keep your coffee supplies in one location for efficiency. This is a tip that you can apply to many other areas of your home… snacks, games, crafts, etc… It can save you a large amount of time when you need to find a certain item that you want or need.

5 Things to Remember for a Successful Move

So you expect to move in the next few months. Hiring the right moving company is critical, but there’s other aspects you may want to keep in mind. Of course, you need to be ready for the unexpected, but the following tips may help. Keep these tips in mind as you plan.

Plan & Prioritize

Draft a budget as early as you can. Moving takes time and resources. Sit down and figure out what it will cost to make the transition. Better yet, talk to a Mighty Movers representative for customized pricing.

Get Supplies

Yes, you need boxes, but you may need different sized boxes. Don’t forget packing tape and a few Sharipies. Save yourself some stress and label boxes on multiple sides.

Make a Moving Schedule

We are busy people, and this may sound silly, but most of our weekends are booked a month in advance. We’re either visiting family, friends, hosting, traveling etc, so it helps to set out a schedule and black out designated moving days.

Start Packing Early

Procrastination is not always the culprit. We all have busy schedules, but you need to make it a point to set aside some time everyday (or every few days) to start packing. This is a time consuming activity so don’t leave it for the weekend before the move.


This is tough for everyone. When was the last time you wore it? Will you wear it again? If you cannot answer either of these two questions, it’s best to toss it out. Throw it away or jump to the next tip and donate!

Preparation for the “big move” is the key. When it comes down to the “heavy lifting”, Mighty Movers has all the right modern equipment. And, with our competitive pricing and friendly staff, it’s ONE decision you won’t won’t have to worry about.

Get Hung Up on Hangers


Moving into a new home is a great time to rethink the way you organize your closets. Hangers are a critical part in keeping your clothes readily accessible – and more importantly, keeping your garments from losing their shape.


Golden Rules for Moving Efficiently


Regardless of the reason (whether it’s procrastination or a last minute transfer), here are some tips for packing fast while keeping stress and chaos to a minimum.

Keep the basics readily available

Begin by packing up all the basics you’ll need for a week or two, including clothes, toiletries, and basics for the kitchen and bathroom — you won’t feel like digging through a mountain of hastily packed unorganized boxes looking for a pillowcase at 10pm. Keep the number of suitcases and boxes to a minimum so you can easily keep track of them all, and mark/set them aside in a prominent, easy-to-access location.

One room at a time

Fill boxes one room at a time, bedroom items with bedroom items and living room items with living room items , etc. Label clearly and pack everything together except very fragile or otherwise distinct items. Use generous amounts of packing material and group like items together from different rooms only if you have time.

Open box policy

Leave boxes open for as long as possible and don’t tape all boxes closed right away. Leave a few open in each room so you’ll have a place to put all the miscellaneous items that will crop up as you go. Don’t pack anything you don’t really love or need. Fill garbage bags and designate items for giveaway as you go. Make choices quickly and resist the urge to second-guess decisions once they’ve been made. Hopefully – you’ve made previous plans with Mighty Movers for the last step – moving to your new location. Our team is fast, effective, and we’ll work hard to to make your move go as smoothly as possible.

Travel & Moving Hacks


When you’re in the moving process, it can be similar to traveling since you may have to stay at a hotel or back your “essentials” in a suitcase. Dave Hax, “Efficiency Engineer” for Holiday Inn, showcases quite a few tips for smart and efficient packing, so we decided to share the video with you here!

There’s some pretty useful tips here so pay close attention because he goes pretty fast. The video is only 90 seconds long, but there’s some real gems here!

Our favorite is the use of binder clips for various toiletries and cables!

What NOT to Pack


Amongst all things you have in your house or apartment – garage, attic, living room, etc. you have to figure out the destiny of each item. And, it only makes sense that some of these things should not be moving to your new location. The folks over at TheMovingBlog.com have a few tips.

Things to throw away

This may be probably the easiest to do. You don’t have to move with you items that are worn out, broken, damaged or just out of fashion. Put it all in the garbage! The more things to pack when moving out, the higher your moving costs!

Items you don’t know what to do with

This is where the difficult task is. Every home is full of so much stuff that holds no particular function and just collects dust from the shelves. If you have items that are of emotional value to you or are expensive, keep them. If you have things that hold no or little value for you, donate them or sell them.

What to sell?

Surely you have household goods that are in a good condition but you don’t need them or want them. You can organize a moving sale, uplod things for sale at websites like ebay or craigslist, etc.
Whatever you don’t or won’t sell, you can give way to neighbors, friends, family, colleagues.

Valuables, documents, money – don’t pack them and don’t give them to the moving company; take them with you on your move. Bank statements, contracts, laptop, credit cards, jewels, currency – these are all things you should protect well all the time, includingly when moving. There are also items, forbidden to pack and give to the relocation company like perishables, explosives, weapons, ammunitions, etc.