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What to do with Boxes after the Move

After a successful move with Mighty Movers, you might have enough empty boxes to make a small mountain, and you may not feel comfortable leaving them on the curb. Below is a list of just some of the ways you can put those boxes to recycle, reuse, or ridding yourself of them altogether:

Local recycling programs. Your city or town may allow people to recycle large amounts of cardboard. Some won’t pick up from the curb, so you may have to drive it to the recycling center yourself. When you call or search online, make sure you ask about restrictions such as amount, size, and whether or not the boxes need to be flattened.

Call a box broker. Many cities have companies that buy and sell used moving boxes. Do a quick search on Google to see if there are any in your area.

Try BoxCycle. BoxCycle allows you to list boxes for sale and purchase used boxes. They are a very “green” company. Here’s what they say, “While recycling cardboard is beneficial, it only reduces the environmental impact by a little bit. Local reuse eliminates environmental impact. You can make a real difference by helping boxes live longer!” Check it out!

Post on Craigslist. Craigslist is a very simple (and free) site where you can post many things. Use it to post boxes that you want to get rid of or exchange.

Call up a charity. Organizations need boxes too. This option may take a bit more time, but it’s typically for a good cause.

Luckily, since your unpacked, the hard part is already over – especially since you dealt with the friendly, knowledgable, and “mighty” team at Mighty Movers. Your move to Dallas or any of the surrounding cities went off without a hitch – so dealing with boxes is just a minor detail.

Mighty Movers to the Rescue

A car accident happened in front of Mike and Ronnie, two of our movers – and we wanted to take a moment to recognize them.

Thankfully, no one was hurt, and some quick action on their part helped keep everyone safe. They were able to help pull a teenager out of his car, then put out the fire. Great work, guys!


5 Things to Remember for a Successful Move

So you expect to move in the next few months. Hiring the right moving company is critical, but there’s other aspects you may want to keep in mind. Of course, you need to be ready for the unexpected, but the following tips may help. Keep these tips in mind as you plan.

Plan & Prioritize

Draft a budget as early as you can. Moving takes time and resources. Sit down and figure out what it will cost to make the transition. Better yet, talk to a Mighty Movers representative for customized pricing.

Get Supplies

Yes, you need boxes, but you may need different sized boxes. Don’t forget packing tape and a few Sharipies. Save yourself some stress and label boxes on multiple sides.

Make a Moving Schedule

We are busy people, and this may sound silly, but most of our weekends are booked a month in advance. We’re either visiting family, friends, hosting, traveling etc, so it helps to set out a schedule and black out designated moving days.

Start Packing Early

Procrastination is not always the culprit. We all have busy schedules, but you need to make it a point to set aside some time everyday (or every few days) to start packing. This is a time consuming activity so don’t leave it for the weekend before the move.


This is tough for everyone. When was the last time you wore it? Will you wear it again? If you cannot answer either of these two questions, it’s best to toss it out. Throw it away or jump to the next tip and donate!

Preparation for the “big move” is the key. When it comes down to the “heavy lifting”, Mighty Movers has all the right modern equipment. And, with our competitive pricing and friendly staff, it’s ONE decision you won’t won’t have to worry about.

Choose your Dolly Wisely

Part of providing a excellent service is having the right equipment. When it comes to handling your appliances and furniture, we have to use specific dollies. Using the wrong one you may put your item at risk of being damaged, so our professional team always knows which one is right for each piece. Let’s take a look at some of the main dollies we use.

Appliance Dolly

First, the appliance dolly – this is used for moving your refrigerator, washer, dryer, safes, and even book bases. Normally this dolly has a max weight of 600lbs. It may also be used to move heavy items up and down stair cases as these dollies may have having stair climbers on the back. This is the strongest upright dolly they make and is used for very heavy items.

Box Dolly

Next up is the box dolly. This is a two-wheeled dolly that is used for lighter weight moving maximum of 300lbs on average. Its great for boxes, small appliances like a dishwasher. This is a great tool for quick transportation of items and saves us 50% on loading/unloading time. Instead of moving oddly shaped boxes by hand – we may use this type of dolly to save time.

Furniture Dolly

Last, the flat furniture dolly is used for a max weight of 900 lbs or more. This is ideal for moving heavy items like large big screen TVs, tool boxes and even dressers. Even though this dolly is capable of carrying very heavy weight – it really depends on the item. Sometimes we will move things by hand if there is any risk of damage.

The Mighty Movers team is always properly equipped for any move. Our friendly, clean-cut team is efficient, professional, and fast. Give us a call and let us help you plan your move. You won’t be disappointed.

Make sure these 4 Things are in Order Before You Move

If you’re about to move into a new home, life’s probably been hectic with packing, calling moving companies, and getting time off work in order to actually make the move. LeadsPlease estimates that more than 40 million people move each year.

It’s not uncommon for people to wait until the last minute to pack and prepare, which leaves them scrambling, spending half the night taping up boxes, going on endless Home Depot runs for more bubble wrap, and spending the first couple nights at their new place with flashlights until they’ve regrouped enough to make sense of everything.

Moving  1

Set up utilities and services

Have all the modern conveniences set to go when you move in, or at least have the appointments made. Gas and electricity are important, but so are those entertainment and communication utilities, like phone service, television, and Internet access. In order to save money, many purchase Direct TV bundles that can provide them with the right combination of services to fit their life. Whether you want just the basics, or larger packages with premiere movies and sports, talk to the Direct TV provider in your area to see which options will work best for you.

Reviewing your car, homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policies is also vital, because coverage can differ from one place to another. Get a grip on what these things are going to cost as you’re finalizing your personal budget.

Create Functional Space

Set up a couple of places in the home right away that will be functional. Set up at least one bathroom with towels and a shower curtain, soap, shampoo, and toothpaste. The last thing you want to do is go on a scavenger hunt for toilet paper in the middle of the night. Completing one room will motivate you to move on to the next room, until your new place becomes home.

Verify that School Transitions are on Track

If you’re moving with kids, call any new schools your children will be attending. Confirm that the old school has successfully sent all needed records to the new school. Ask your child’s old teacher to write a note about your child that will help the new teacher get to know him that much faster. Missing this step can lead to a delay in your kids starting school, and you may have to take off work unexpectedly while you sit in the principal’s office filling out paperwork

Change Address and Update Contacts

If you aren’t especially tech savvy, the U.S. Post Office can give you a paper form to update your address. If you embrace modern conveniences, then you may want to fill out your change of address form online. Either way you file, you can opt in to receive money saving coupons that could prove to be useful in your new home.

Let your friends and family know what your new address and phone number is. If you have any subscriptions, such as magazine, or a book or wine of the month club, update them.

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Create a Portable Moving Planner

Moving to a new home is often overwhelming because there are dozens of tasks, calls, and coordination to keep track of. There’s the scheduling for specialists like the handyman, voice mails from Realtor or landlord, to-do lists related to the move, and keeping track of all the details for everything in between. One excellent way to keep all your ducks in a row is creating a “moving central.”

So what is a moving planner?

In short – it’s a business planner or moving notebook solely dedicated to your move. This is more important than boxes and tape. Find one at the local office supply store with big pages, one page for each day, and make sure it has business card holders, zipper pouches, and receipt envelopes.


How will you use it before the move?

You’ll track phone calls, make notes on houses you’ve toured, and gather phone numbers for the new close friends you’ll make — all those realtors and rental agents and mortgage people, your awesome Mighty Movers (that’s us), and handymen you’ll come to know intimately in the coming weeks. Tuck all business cards into their own little slots for easy reference. Make notes of the days you’ve spent tracking down things like the tile man – with dates and times. Cram snippets of flooring and wallpaper, paint swatches and drapery goods into a see-through zipper pouch for at-the-store decorating reference. Dedicate one receipt envelope for those fix-up-the-old-place receipts. Another receipt envelope holds receipts generated by house-hunting trips and travel to your new home. Stuff everything in there, and you’ll thank yourself at tax time!

How will you use it after the move?

After the move, you’ll use Move Central to schedule appointments to turn on your lights, water, cable and other essentials of life. If a neighborhood mom mentions a good plubmer, note the name and you’re ahead of the game! Tuck a local map into a flap or pocket, and you’ll always be able to get yourself where you’re going — even if you don’t always get there very directly.
Treat Move Central as just another body part — it should be with you always. Ladies – put it in a big purse. Guys – just figure out how to carry it. You’ll develop a permanent dip on one side of your body from the weight, but hey, it’s temporary. Having all your information in one place right at hand is key to a smooth and sane move.

Five Packing Tips to Make Moving Less Stressful


Anything that makes a move less stressful is worth entertaining. Of course, choosing Mighty Movers as your moving crew is a great first step. These 5 tips below may also help keep things organized and streamlined.

1. Start packing as soon as you have your moving date. Closing up just a few boxes more often will spread the work out over a long period of time. You avoid the mad rush of last minute packing, mitigating the risk of items being damaged or improperly sorted and labelled. And you reduce your stress!

2. Make sure you’ve got some old boxes and bags to pack up those items you are purging, so they can be swiftly lifted out and off to the second-hand store, recycling depot, or collected by a junk disposal service.

3. Begin with your storage areas. Anything you haven’t used for a year and cannot guarantee you will need again, and items that have no sentimental value, are the first to go. Out of sight, out of mind! Don’t bring them to clutter up your new home!

4. Move on to the rooms you will use infrequently prior to moving day. Box up the items to be transported to your new home, all the while cultivating a spirit of less is more and setting aside those things you won’t need again.

5. The last items you pack up prior to your move will be your everyday kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom belongings. Try to consider what may not suit your new home, or furnishings and household things you won’t have room for. These can be part of your purge.

Important Advice for Packing Goods for a Move

Important Advice for Packing Goods for a Move2

There are many tasks that have that have to be completed for a move such as planning, carrying heavy goods, transporting them and so on. Packing is one of the most important steps and can be the most prolonged and complicated. There is lots to manage and it is all necessary so that you can keep your belongings safe, clean and dry. There is a lot to this step so if you want to learn all about it and be prepared for everything you have to do then keep reading for useful packing tips.

Before you can even think about packing anything, you must go through all of your goods. This will allow you to work out various aspects for the move such as how much packing is necessary, what types of materials you use and what items you will be taking with you. Whether it is a home or office removal, you will likely have goods that are not necessary, are damaged, broken, old, etc. There is no point spending time packing and transporting these goods and them letting them take up space in your new address so you should depose of them. You can do this through your usual waste collection, by hiring a skip or recycling things. If these items are in decent condition, then sell or donate them.

Having an estimate on how much packing material is essay for the move is every beneficial. You don’t want to stop halfway through packing because you have run out of materials because this can prolong the process and cause delays. Not having enough wrapping may also encourage you to spread it further among items, which could result in items being not fully secure so they will be at risk. So go through your building and estimate how much you will need and if any items will need special materials.

Important Advice for Packing Goods for a MoveThere are many types of materials you can use for your belongings, Bubble wrap is ideal or fragile materials but also is excellent with other items. Tissue paper and cloth can also work well. You can find these at various stores such as supermarkets, home supplies, stationery stores and more. Other options to consider are also old clothes, sheets, cloth and newspaper. These may not be as effective but are cheaper and much easier to obtain.For boxes, you two main types will be cardboard and plastic. Cardboard containers are easily available and cheap to buy, come in many shapes and sizes and can be obtained in bulk. You can easily write on them and you may have such containers spare already. Plastic boxes are much stronger and will keep things dry, they can come with lids and wheels, but are more expensive and are not as easily recycled.

You should determine what materials would be best for each item and then gently apply it. If you feel the material will not stay on, then use adhesive tape to stick it together. Place items gently into boxes, with light and more delicate items on top, with heavier and bulkier items at the bottom. Keep sharp objects and liquids separate from others and never place too much into a box, as this can cause items to be crushed, the box to be too heavy to lift and may make it fall apart. Write down on boxes what is inside to keep track of them and make an inventory as you go along so no item is lost or forgotten.

These tips are essential to keeping your goods safe during a move so follow them carefully for successful packing.
For further tips: http://londonmovers.org.uk/hire-man-with-a-van-belsize-park-for-an-easy-and-hassle-free-home-removal/

Tips for Rearranging Furniture


Here’s the scenario: You made an excellent choice in selecting Mighty Movers to relocate successfully. A few weeks have passed and you want to make some adjustments to the furniture layout in your home. Nothing too drastic of course. Moving large pieces of furniture up a flight of stairs may require some professional help (so call us!). But here we’re just talking about moving some furniture to opposite sides of a room, or even a small adjustment to a large piece of furniture. The tips below should come in extremely handy.

Slide instead of lift

Small piece of furniture can be carried, but anything more cumbersome should be slid across the room. Instead of ending up with a beautiful room, most of us can end up with a bad back. If you do have to lift something, use your legs not your arms and shoulders and keep your back as straight as possible.

Using towels and cardboard

Slip something underneath your furniture’s legs. To do this, rock your piece forward or backwards slightly to slide the material underneath the legs instead of lifting the piece. By doing so, the furniture will move easily across the room. On carpet, try cardboard; and on bare floors, towels or rags usually work great.

Magic Sliders

A pretty useful product available online. Here’s the link. You can put them on all of my furniture as soon as you get it. Though they’re significantly more expensive than felt pads, they are worth the extra investment 10-fold. Most importantly, they are very durable and they make even the heaviest pieces of furniture slip across the room with ease.

Push or pull

While it may seem natural to push a heavier piece, I’ve actually found pulling to be more effective than pushing for certain pieces of furniture. First, place an arm on either side of a piece of furniture. Then, with your feet a few inches away and using your arms as a brace, lower your body as if you were going to sit, then inch backwards.

Empty everything out of it first

Obvious right? Don’t forget to empty out instead of trying to move everything when it’s all filled up. Not only will it make it lighter, it’ll prevent something from falling out accidentally and creating a mess.


Why Hire Pros? Infographic

We found this great little infographic on Visual.ly that shows some impressive moving statistics – as well as some advantages of why you should hire professional movers. Check it out!