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Common Moving Superstitions

Moving to a new home is usually a very exciting time. It can symbolize the new beginning and always brings positive feelings and excitement. It is quite normal that you want everything to run as smoothly as possible. Proper planning, research, and preparation are key. And, hiring the right movers (that’s us) can be a big factor. Still, some people turn to superstitions to make sure they will have luck, wealth and happiness in their new home.

Popular Susperstitions

One of the most popular superstitions about moving is to have a full container of rice when you step into your new home. The same applies for salt and sugar. And the salt should be spread on the floor of every room in the place including over the front door to ward off evil. Perfectly fine, except for the fact that you will have to clean the mess.

What day should I move?

Some people still believe that they should move into the new home when the moon is waxing. Supposedly, there are particular days when you should not move under any circumstances. But it is hard to say which these days are – some say Saturday is the best day, others say it is not. Some say you should definitely move in on Wednesday, others say do it on Monday (because that day symbolizes the new beginning).

Strange Practices from Around the World

In the Philippines for instance it is believed that when moving to a new home the first time you get in you should carry a loaf of bread and a new broom with you. It is believed that you should never take an old broom into a new home.

Also, it is said you should leave your home from the same door you enter when you go out for the first time. Never accept knives and other sharp items such as scissors as presents. When choosing the home, make sure to count the stairs that lead to its door. Their number should not be in multiples of three under any circumstances.

Do you know any other strange beliefs about moving? Please share them with us in the comments!

Moving Day Playlist – Good Songs to Listen to While You Pack!

We found a great list of songs to play while you’re packing from themovingblog.com. These upbeat tunes will keep you energized throughout the process. Then, once you’re all packed – give the Mighty Movers a call to help with the transport!

If you’re moving by yourself or with a partner, take some time to think of your favorite songs with a positive vibe and a good beat to add to this moving day playlist. You may even have a few of these tunes in your music library. If you’re moving with kids, get them involved and add in some of their favorite songs so that they will enjoy the move, too. It may also help to create a couple of different moving day playlists, e.g., one for packing, one for driving to your new home, and one for relaxing after you get there.


AC/DC – Highway to Hell
Alkaline Trio – Movin’ Right Along
All-American Rejects – Move Along
Audio Adrenaline – Starting Over
Beach Boys – I Get Around
Beatles – Here Comes the Sun
Billy Joel – Movin’ Out
Black Eyed Peas – Meet Me Halfway
Blink-182 – Going Away to College
Bob Dylan – Like a Rolling Stone
Bob Segar – Night Moves
Bon Jovi – Who Says You Can’t Go Home
Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run
Colin Farrell – Gone, Gone, Gone
Cream – Crossroads
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Lodi
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Our House
Daft Punk – Around the World
Dave Matthews Band – Drive In Drive Out
Dave Matthews Band – Where Are You Going
DJ Ayres – Move On Up (Curtis Mayfield Remix)
Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way
Flo Rida – Let It Roll
Foghat Slow Ride
Foo Fighters – New Way Home
Gladys Knight – Midnight Train to Georgia
Grateful Dead – Truckin’
Green Day – Welcome to Paradise
Ja Net DuBois – Movin’ On Up (Jefferson’s Song)
Janet Jackson – Runaway
Jay Z – On To The Next One
Jet – Get Me Outta Here
John Denver – Take Me Home
Journey – Don’t Stop Believin
Kiss – New York Groove
Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song
Lipps Inc – Funky Town
Ludacris – Area Codes
Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama
Paul Simon – 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
Reel 2 Real – I Like to Move It
Rusted Root – Send Me On My Way
Sheryl Crow – Every Day is a Winding Road
Sublime – Wrong Way
Sweet – Fox on the Run
The Beatles – Ticket to Ride
The Black Keys – Goodbye Babylon
The Cranberries – Dreams
The Eagles – New Kid In Town
The Eagles – Already Gone
Willie Nelson – On the Road Again
Young MC – Bust a Move

Moving Home – Essential Packing Materials

When you begin planning the packing process, materials will inevitably be a key consideration. While the easiest options is usually to go to a supermarket and gather together as many older items as possible, putting together a collection of good quality boxes and other materials will make the whole move considerably easier. These should be the main areas for consideration:

Removals-32 (1)

Cardboard Boxes

This really should be your main concern, as flimsy boxes can lead to all sorts of problems, particularly when your possessions are in transit. Good strong materials make it less likely that they will split while being carried and offer more protection to the contents, so always go for good, strong, possibly double-thickness cardboard. Another consideration should be the sizes you choose, as if your boxes are all of different sizes then packing them into your removal van will become a much more difficult task. Obviously you will need smaller boxes for heavier items, but try to make sure you have no more than four different sizes. Lots of lighter items in the small boxes, a small amount of heavier items in the larger ones.


Suitcases are not often thought about when it comes to quality moving materials, but utilising your luggage carriers can make moving certain heavier items much easier. Most good quality suitcases have wheels and are incredibly well-made, so are ideal for carrying things such as books because the case can simply be wheeled out of your house removing the need to lift. If you were simply going to pack your clothes into your suitcase then have a think if they could be a bit more useful transporting something else.

Packing Tape & Gun

Obviously you will need a good quantity of tape to fasten your boxes, but investing a few pounds in a tape gun will speed up the process (and make it slightly more enjoyable!). A good tape gun will allow you to close up your boxes with speed and efficiency, and make sure your tape is of good quality to ensure everything holds over the course of the relocation.

Protective Wrapping

Bubble wrap is most commonly used, and you can never have too much when it comes to a house move. Your china mugs and delicate ornaments can never be too well protected, so take your time to make sure you wrap items well. Air pockets are also efficient at filling spare space in boxes and stopping things moving around as you carry them.

Packing Paper

Cheap and effective for wrapping crockery and other items. Please note that using newspaper can lead to substantial problems, as the ink often rubs off and onto your belongings and can be difficult to remove. Good quality brown paper should be used for wrapping, and any spares can be used to pad out partially filled boxes.

Sticky Labels

Essential. As you only have a few different sizes of box, you will need to know what is in each one. Sticky labels afford you a space on which to write clearly. They can also be used on heavily wrapped items which cannot be identified!

Marker Pens

For writing on your sticky labels and identifying boxes and their contents. Try using a different coloured marker for each room so that your removal men know which boxes need to go where when it comes to unloading. This will prevent you having to lug them round the house once the removal men have gone.

More tips at http://movingservices.org.uk/man-with-a-van-soho-the-flexible-alternative-when-moving-house/

Games to play on the road

Depending on how far you are planning to move, you might be in for a bit of a road trip (assuming you aren’t taking a plane). The good thing is, you’ve already hired Mighty Movers to transport all of your belongings so your mind can rest at ease. As you drive to your new home, you might need a bit of fun for the family. It’s either that, or you can deal with the constant question of .. “Are we there yet?”

With that said, here are a few ideas for games you can play in the car:

The Picnic Game

This is a memory builder for all ages. One player says, “I went to a picnic Saturday and I brought…” then says a picnic favorite that begins with the letter A, like apples. The next player repeats the opening phrase, and after “…I brought” they repeat the A item then add one that begins with B: “I brought an apple and some bananas.” The third player repeats the opener, the A and the B portions, and then adds something that begins with C. Get it? Your travelers get through the alphabet, remembering all the items everyone contributed.

Where’s the Alphabet?

Using road signs, billboards, shop names — any reading material outside the window qualifies as long as it’s spotted on your side of the car. (If you’re the front-seat passenger, focus on the right.) You’ll be looking for every letter of the alphabet, in alphabetical order, although the letter can be located anywhere in the word. Say there is a fruit stand with a sign for Granny Smith apples — there’s your A. The exit for the Brooklyn Bridge would cover B, Road Closed is C and so on. First one to the letter Z wins.

One More Clue

This game is a variation of ’20 questions’. You start giving clues, one by one. For example, say to your child, ‘It’s small.’ Then he/she would take a guess. If it was not correct, give her another clue. ‘It eats and drinks.’ If still still didn’t guess it, continue giving out clues. ‘It needs to be walked every day.” The answer: ‘It’s our puppy.’ Try to make your clues fun!

License Plate Game

For long trips, the License Plate Game might be the thing. You call out letters from the license plates you see, then make as many ridiculous phrases as possible. For example, AST = Aardvarks Singling Tenderly or After-School Trampolining. You get the idea.

Once Upon A Time

Here players take a sentence each, and make up a story as they go along. There’s no obvious winner or loser here, but the game can be adapted to your trip so that players must work to end it exactly as the car pulls up to your destination.

Professional Movers: Worth the Cost?


Trying to save some money on your next move? You might find it cheaper to handle moving yourself, but if you really take everything into consideration – the cost of hiring professional movers to do the job can be a better alternative. Still – you might wonder if hiring professionals is really worth it.

One word – Safety

In the end, it is worth every penny to hire a good crew because you can easily avoid any personal injury or accidents or damage to your personal belongings. Professional movers are trained in proper techniques and use special equipment to make the transition fast and smooth. Having the proper equipment is essential to prevent any serious injuries – dollies, moving trucks, and ropes – just to name a few.

Peace of Mind: Priceless

if you’ve ever moved in the past, you know how stressful moving can be. We all know how inconvenient it can be to ask friends for help. What if someone gets hurt? Will your furniture get damaged because you aren’t using the right equipment? You are much better off with a crew of trained individuals. Why? Because you save time. You avoid injuries to yourself and others. And, you get it done right! So give us a call. Remember, with Mighty Movers there’s no job too big, and no job too small. We do it all!

Trust is Key

Always look for a company that has been in business for a while with a good reputation. The team at Mighty Movers is a great example. We has 10 years’ experience of helping people relocate their cherished belongings from one location to another. All of our movers are held to very high standards. Fast, friendly, and clean-cut. We don’t hire day-labor like other moving companies.

Moving Blunders to Avoid


Occasionally while you are packing, you’re mind tends to wander off. You think about the moving process and bills, and all the sudden it’s time to meet your friends for a quick bite to eat. Moving blunders cause aches and pains and they normally happen during the packing process.

How do we solve this problem?

Start off with a plan. Making a list of priorities can almost immediately turn frowns upside down. Here are some moving blunders that are easy to avoid.

*Packing too much per box.

: Make sure that when you pack, you are aware of the amount that goes in the box. Packing too much can cause the box to rip from the bottom and cause damage to what’s inside.

*Heavy items in large boxes.

: It’s a common mistake. Heavy items however do belong in small boxes. To be on the safe side, it should be the ONLY thing inside the small box to avoid cracks.

*Not taking advantage of what’s around you!

: There are plenty of free resources that are right under your nose! To save money on packing, search for free boxes at local stores or the mall. Newspaper and old magazines are also free packing items that you can use to cushion fragile items from breaking.

*Forgetting to change your address.

: Don’t miss previous bill statements, family invites or subscriptions. Call or go online to the US Post Office to forward all your mail.

Be sure to also find a moving company that is experienced. Mighty Movers has a friendly staff of superheroes that will take care of your belongings as if it were their very own.

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Long Distance Moving Guidelines and Hints

A change of residency is something that awaits a lot of people, what with new positions opening up, promotions and other reasons for moving, such as education and marriage. A move that includes something as far away as another state, this may include a whole lot more than a simple move down a few city blocks or to a neighboring town. Knowing how to deal with long-distance moving is something that may serve you a great deal in the future, should you ever have to do so.

Removals 121

Please follow these simple tips to prepare yourself:

Check out possible insurance options

Moving insurance for long distances is something most often handled by weight rather than quality or value, so make sure you are aware of the type of insurance offered by your moving company. Before you make your decision, you should make sure they will cover all your personal belongings and to what extent.

Packing ahead of time is vital

Why is that you may ask? The answer is simple – the closer moving day is, the more you will feel the stress of the incoming move, which may in term lead toward mistakes and oversights. You can minimize the risks by actually beginning your preparations ahead of time, sometimes even months in advance if that is possible. Any personal papers and records are of great importance, however they will not be taken along by moving companies, as they are not allowed to do so. Ensure they are safely within your own vehicle before the move or some other place you deem safe. Medical records and other documentation also fall under this category, so keep that in mind. The same goes for any valuables and jewelry you possess.

Labeling and packing

It is essential for you to label everything you pack by room and contents, as well as the fragility of the contents. Making an inventory list will also greatly help you in the long run, as you won’t have to wonder where things are in the whole mess of boxes and belongings. If you manage to reduce the confusion of moving day and the unpacking phase of the entire operation, then you have already won a small victory at the end of the day. The labeling process should be done on a room-by-room basis, possibly making a system of designations that will be easy to write down, or simply writing down the name of the room the boxes originated from. Another thing you want to do is to never put multiple heavy objects in large boxes, as these may break if they are not strong enough. You may obtain boxes through moving companies, retail stores or even your local office supply store among other places.

Hiring a moving company

The last step on our list, but the most important by far. Professional moving companies will have a decent reputation online as well as an actual word-of-mouth one, so do your best to do some research before you hire a company. Looking for a company with good, solid and positive reviews is a good beginning, however the best way you can approach the subject is to check with reputable sources. Your friends and family are a good choice, as you know they would be your closest and most reliable sources of information. It is also important to make sure your chosen company has the right and credentials to do cross-state and international moves. The last thing is to make sure all your expenses will be listed in the contract before things are set in motion.

More tips at http://manandavanlondon.org/domestic-removals/

Two Unique Ways to Pack Clothing

Whether you’re getting ready for a big move or your just stuffing away your season clothes, packing up clothes is never a fun process. Here are two unique ways to make the process more efficient and ultimately less of a pain from Lifehacker.com.


Wardrobe-Style Boxes

To make the process a little smoother, Reddit user LutzExpertTera simply throws the clothes on a makeshift hanger attached to a box.

The picture above shows a custom piece of wood, but any old pole will do provided it fits outside the box. Throw your clothes on the makeshift hanger, turn the hanger diagonally and drop it in the box. This way you’ll be able to keep the clothes on hangers and skip the expensive wardrobe boxes.

The “Dead-Body” Method

This tip is great if you’re moving from one living space to another and you’ve a lot of hanging clothes. Learned this from a friend, he calls it the “dead body method”.

Take a bed sheet, lay it out on your bed or floor, take the clothes (hangers and all) and lay them out on top of each other on the sheet. Pile them in the middle and make sure the clothes are aligned so they’re parallel with the length of the sheet.

Fold the sides of the sheet over the clothes (there should be some overlap) and twist the ends. You carry it by the twisted end—with a friend on the other side because this can get deceptively heavy.

Doing it this way is fast (you can get one bundle together in sixty seconds or less), efficient (no buying extra packing material) and your clothes won’t get wrinkled.

Do-It-Yourself Moving vs. Hiring Professionals


If you’re like some, you’ve probably avoided hiring professional movers and instead relied on friends and family to help with relocation. Yes, it may be a bit more of an investment to hire professionals, but in the end, it’s an investment worth making. Here’s 6 great reasons why – and let’s take it one step further and assume you will make a smart choice and hire Mighty Movers.

We are Fast.

If time is of concern to you, hiring professional movers makes a lot of sense. Friends and family may mean well, but in my experience, they can make a move take a lot longer than it needs to be. Pros know how to get people moved quickly and efficiently.

We Show Up at the Same Time.

It can be hard to get friends and family to coordinate their schedules. This means that you may have to settle for having your move completed in shifts. Again, this takes up time that you could use to work, unpack, or complete other projects.

We Bring a Truck.

Even if it’s a local move, we will bring a truck that is the right size for your move so you don’t waste time driving back and forth between your old and new homes.

We Bring Tools.

Movers will bring hand carts, hand tools, and other things that make moving easier – no more waiting around for your cousin to run to the hardware store to pick up a screwdriver so you can take apart your bookshelves.

We are Careful with your Belongings.

Not only are professional movers more likely than amateurs to know how to protect your belongings during a move, you won’t have to deal with any post-move awkwardness if one of them does manage to drop your grandmother’s antique mirror.

You Don’t Have to Feed Us.

It is only polite to feed friends and family when they help you move. If your move takes place in stages, you’ll have to provide multiple meals. The cost of these meals adds up, so be sure to consider these courtesy meals when comparing the cost of professional movers to a DIY job.

We could go on, but these reasons should be more than enough. And, with the customized pricing that Mighty Movers offers (not to mention the friendly staff) – you really have no excuse not to make the right choice.

Tips for Hosting your Moving Sale


One way to reduce your costs (and the volume of work) before your move is by organizing a moving sale. On moving day, the movers will have less work to do, which in turn, saves you money! Here are a few tips that will make the process a success.

Organize before the sale

Go to every room in your home and explore the wardrobes, drawers, shelves – everywhere. Do not forget the basement and attic as well. Set aside the things that you want to keep, and create piles of things you are leaving behind in each room. Some will be thrown away, donated, or recycled but now is the time to say goodbye. Make decisions and stick with them.

Double check with your city & advertise

Before announcing officially your sale, check with the local authorities about restrictions, permits or taxes that apply when organizing a moving sale. After that advertise your moving sale. Before setting a date keep in mind that you will need a few weeks for the preparation. Then go to local websites and publish announcements in the local newspapers and online. In the advertisement write the day, time, place of the moving sale.

Set Prices and be open to negotiation

Make a list with everything for sale with the price next to it. That will make your organization easier. Be ready to make a deal. People who come to your moving sale will be willing to negotiate the prices with you. Expect this in advance and price some bigger items accordingly.

Share with a neighbor

Share the event with a neighbor or check in the newspaper if there is another moving sale any time soon and join it. In that way you can help each other and share the costs and experience! The bigger the sale, the more likely people are to stop by.


Items left over from the sale? Use Craigslist! And be sure to include pictures. Research shows that someone is much more likely to buy something in a classified ad if they see a picture first. Since this may take some time and effort – only post things that are more than $50. For smaller items, you may want to consider donating them to the Salvation Army or a similar resource.