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10 Things You Should Know About Moving to Dallas, Texas

So, you’re moving to Dallas? Welcome! As a top-rated Dallas moving company, we know how exciting this time can be. And as the most referred Dallas long distance movers, we know that moving to Dallas can feel overwhelming to newcomers. There is so much to do and see living in Dallas that you might not know where to begin.

Things You Should Know About Moving to Dallas, Texas

Whether you are about to embark on your journey to Dallas or have already moved into your new home, these are the top 10 things you should know about moving to Dallas.

1. The DFW Metroplex

“DFW Metroplex” is a term you will often hear from the locals. As a new Dallas resident, you are not only a resident of our beautiful city, you are also a part of the Dallas Fort Worth area. DFW Metroplex refers to Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth, and all the suburbs that lie inside the area.

2. The Best Places to Live in Dallas

Dallas neighborhoods are as varied and diverse as Dallas residents. Whether you are moving to Dallas alone or moving to Dallas with a family, you’ll find what you need here.


Uptown Dallas is just north of Downtown Dallas and to the west of the North Central Expressway. Uptown’s abundance of restaurants, bars, and shops, plus its walkability, make it popular with young professionals. Empty nesters who are looking for an urban lifestyle also flock to the area.

Preston Hollow

One of the most elite Dallas neighborhoods, Preston Hollow is known for its large estates and majestic oak trees. This neighborhood is also home to Dallas civic and business leaders who are the who’s who of the DFW Metroplex.

M Streets

M Streets is a popular choice for young families and couples. With homes dating back to the 1920’s and easy access to downtown, it offers residents the ability to enjoy Dallas and avoid parking congestion.

3. Eating in Dallas

We take our food seriously in Dallas. If you ask us, Dallas barbecue is the best barbecue out there and our Tex Mex is beyond compare. That’s not all we eat, though.The Dallas food scene has something amazing for every palate. 

4. Cost of Living in Dallas

The cost of living in Dallas is below the national average. Because of higher sales taxes, a grocery trip may you cost more than average. Utility prices are also slightly higher than the average US city, thanks to the extreme Texas heat. Our home prices, though, are more competitive than other areas with a median price of $188,000.

5. Finding a Job in Dallas

The job market in Dallas is thriving thanks to so many corporate headquarters that call Dallas home. Some of our biggest employers include Bank of America, Bayor Health Care System, and AT&T. Plus, there are even more corporations throughout the DFW Metroplex. If you haven’t already found a position, you should have no trouble finding one in the DFW area.

6. No State Income Tax

That’s right. Texas is one of the few states that chooses to forgo state income taxes. That means you will see more on your paycheck than if you lived somewhere else like Georgia. But, the state still needs taxes to run. While your paycheck will be higher, you will also notice an above-average sales tax as well as higher property taxes.

7. Moving to Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas. Both native and new Texans are proud of their home state. We are loyal to our home teams, local businesses, and made-in-Texas products. As Dallas movers, we are particularly proud to be a part of the Lone Star State. Be prepared to be loud and proud about your new home. You’ll blend right in.

8. Dallas Weather

Most people describe Dallas weather with one word. Hot. It’s not uncommon to see temperature readings well above 100℉ on your car’s thermostat. Our winters can be a bit dicey, as well. While it does occasionally snow, Dallas drivers are not accustomed to driving snowy or icy roadways. Don’t be surprised the first time you see the city practically shut down when the meteorologist predicts precipitation with just above freezing temperatures.

9. Dallas Traffic

Dallas traffic is serious business, especially during rush hour. You’ll soon find that residents are accustomed to adding in time for delays before hitting the road. Luckily, the city of Dallas roadways are laid out on a grid system, making it easy to find your way around.

10. Dallas Culture

In Dallas, we like to do things our own way. We are a city that celebrates southern hospitality, art, music, theater, food, and progress. And we aren’t afraid to try something new. Whether that means building an urban park on top of a highway or taking in films created by emerging artists at the Dallas International Film Festival.