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4 Quick Tips on How to Recycle Moving Boxes

Since it’s almost inevitable that most moves will lead to accumulating a daunting amount of cardboard, these four quick tips on how to recycle moving boxes are designed to make the process of disposal as convenient and environmentally friendly as possible. Follow the suggestions below, and you’ll soon be free from the clutter of moving boxes you no longer need.

1. Be 100 Percent Sure You Want to Get Rid of Moving Boxes

The first and most important step is thinking carefully about whether you really want to get rid of all those boxes, and if so, how many of them you want to lose. Have a look around your environment and think about whether you could store them against the possibility of future moves, use them to keep extra items and supplies in storage, or let the crafty people in your household repurpose them into something new. Children can often be counted on to find imaginative things to do with cardboard or delight in having toys and other fun objects made for their entertainment.

2. Donate Them

Once you’ve decided on the moving boxes that need to go, there are plenty of options for donation. An easy route is to give them away to friends or family who might have uses for them like the ones described above. You could announce to colleagues at your workplace that you’ve just finished a move and have recycled moving boxes available for the asking.

Charities are another major outlet. Not-for-profit organizations of all kinds are always on the lookout for donations of everyday items, making it worthwhile to contact your closest favorite charity.

Finally, you can always advertise your recycled moving boxes for giveaway online. The FreeCycle Network is a great way to find people on the move who might be in need. NextDoor provides a similar network.

3. Sell Them

You may find there’s an option to make a nominal profit reselling your used moving boxes. Local moving companies can sometimes be interested in purchasing used boxes that are in particularly excellent condition. There are also box brokers who specialize in these kinds of transactions. Best Price Boxes is a buyer and seller of gently used moving boxes that serves several centers in Texas, include Dallas.

Alternatively, BoxCycle provides the option to both buy and sell boxes, and general purpose sites like eBay, Craigslist or the listings of your local paper may provide similar opportunities.

4. Recycle Them

Most major cities have recycling programs with dedicated bins or drop-off locations that can accommodate your boxes. Be sure to consult your city’s guidelines to establish clearly which receptacles can be used for which types of material.

Another possible recycling solution that may work for some of your boxes is to use them for composting. This is an excellent option for households with an interest in gardening, and detailed guidelines are available for what specific kinds of cardboard you can compost and how to go about it.

Finally, you can always directly contact recycling centers in your area and inquire about their procedures for accepting materials for recycling. Some may have particular requirements for the types and shapes of boxes they will accept, whether they need to be pre-flattened, or whether they need to be available in a specific quantity to qualify for pick-up service. The distinct advantage here is that if your boxes do qualify under their guidelines, this could well prove to be the most convenient option of all. You can find out what’s available and connect to potential recycling solutions by starting with a search at Earth911.

More Quick Tips on How to Recycle Moving Boxes

In addition to the above tips on how to recycle moving boxes, you should always consult your city’s recycling guidelines to get further details. Dallas, TX, has a Sanitation Services page that allows you to simply enter the name of an item, or a type of item, to determine the best way to dispose of it. A little research goes a long way in helping you get rid of moving boxes quickly, efficiently and responsibly.

The above tips on how to recycle moving boxes should provide a wide range of convenient options for decluttering life after your move. Whatever you choose, you’ll feel better knowing that you found an option to recycle your moving boxes that fits your schedule and helps both your community and the environment.